Our Curriculum

The core of our curriculum is based in the Korean martial art of Tae Kwon Do, which translates to “the way of the hand and foot.”

We offer a unique teaching style that focuses on weekly thematic instruction. Using a 6-8 week testing cycle, each week features a different skill necessary to qualify for the next belt promotion. By teaching the same skills the entire week, students can come any day of the week and not miss any important curriculum.

While we offer testing every 6 – 8 weeks, not all students will be testing every time. Age, belt level and learning speed plays a big role in how often students test. For instance beginning students don’t have as much curriculum to learn so they tend to test more often than the higher level students who have a lot more information to master to become proficient.

Why Should I Learn Tae Kwon Do at MAI North?

We love Tae Kwon Do and MAI North! And we have developed an environment and curriculum to help our students (of any age) to challenge themselves, excel and reach their potential. Here are a few things that we think are important to consider when choosing Tae Kwon Do and a school. But, seeing is believing! So we invite you to schedule a free class and come see for yourself why we love MAI North!

Martial Arts Institute North is not a “big box” franchised martial arts school. We are family-owned and operated with all classes led by MAI North Owner/Senior Instructor David Popper. We take great pride in our family friendly atmosphere. In fact, one of our most popular classes is our 6:00 family class where parents and children have the opportunity to train together creating a unique bonding experience!

For parents with children interested in martial arts training, you couldn’t pick a better environment for them to learn Tae Kwon Do. We not only focus on creating great martial artists, but also on developing the whole person and creating exceptional community members. Our expectations for our younger students include: being helpful around the house, being courteous to adults and peers, and being excellent students at school. It isn’t just part of our goal, it is a requirement for moving to the next belt level! We require all students seeking to test for their next belt to return a testing form signed by their teachers at school saying they are doing well in class and turning in their homework.

We also work with parents who have specific challenges dealing with ADHD, defiance, study skills, work habits and so on. Many of our parents have reported tremendous improvement in their child’s behavior and grades after training with us.

There are obvious physical benefits to training in martial arts such as speed, flexibility,  coordination, power and flexibility which are translatable to any other sport that a student may participate in.  Many professional athletes use martial arts training as part of their preparation for these reasons.  But martial arts are much more than just the physical results.
Tae Kwon Do is also a means of gaining mental discipline, and coming together to be at peace with oneself.  At the top of the list is self-confidence.  Nothing is as empowering as accomplishing something you never thought you could, whether it is breaking a board for the first time, passing your first belt test, or simply getting in front of the class and leading warm ups.  Other mental benefits include:  Respect, Self-Control, Concentration, Self-Esteem, Discipline, Courtesy, and Integrity.

While most of the inquiries we get are for children, Tae Kwon Do is very well suited for adults. Many of us are constantly fighting the battle of the waistline. Most of the time the weight loss/exercise cycle goes something like this:

  • go on a diet
  • join a gym
  • cheat on the diet (repeatedly)
  • get bored at the gym always doing the same stuff by yourself
  • quit the diet
  • quit the gym
  • repeat


With Tae Kwon Do, not only are you doing different things every week, but you are doing them with other adults who help and encourage you along the way. And let’s face it, there is also something very therapeutic after a frustrating day at work, to come to class and take it out on the kicking pads!

Our pricing is simple and affordable. With flat monthly fees and no contracts, it may be the best return on investment you can make theses days! New students also get a free uniform, belt and unlimited classes. Unlimited classes allows students to come AS MANY DAYS a week that they want. We try very hard to keep training affordable and extra fees to a minimum.  There is one additional fee for belt testing. For each belt test there is a cost of $50 – $65 up to red belt. Black belt testing is done differently.

$99/month 1 student
$160/month 2 students
$198/month for the entire family

Something is always happening at MAI North! Beyond our classes, which are held Monday thru Saturday, we also offer an After School Program, Summer Camps, Holiday & School In-Service Camps, Parent’s Night Out events, birthday parties, and more. Learn more about these on our Programs page.

Why Choose Us

      • Respected and highly skilled instructors
      • Open to all ages and skill levels
      • No contracts or hidden fees
      • State of the art training facility
      • It’s FUN!
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What Client’s Say

I have been so impressed with MAI North and my son’s response to Tae Kwon Do. Before starting at MAI he was experiencing some of the typical pre-teen “flexing” stuff that boys go through. Learning how to control his body and mind has been so empowering for him at school and at home. I was a little nervous at first that he would be using his new found strength to show off with his friends, but more than anything he has learned self control. Although, he does love sparring days at MAI North! Dave and Andrea are so awesome with kids, the facility is great and there are tons of events. I highly recommend MAI North!
Brigett, MAI North Parent
There are many martial arts companies in our town but I am so blessed to have found this one. The instructors go above and beyond to teach more than just the skills of the sport, they build confidence and make an impact in the lives of children. My family is forever grateful for them and hope to be lifelong students. Thank you MAI-North!
Sara, MAI North Parent
Instructor Dave and Ms. Andrea are the best. They have a fantastic heart and put so much dedication into their work with each one of their students. I can see the caring attitudes that they have. All they want is for each one of us to succeed to the best of our abilities. I have been going for over a year now and have no thoughts of giving it up. It is great for cardio. And being one of the older seasoned students Instructor Dave and Ms. Andrea know my limitations and they help me work through those. This is one of the best places to be if you want to get a great work out and build your self esteem.
Linda, MAI North Student
After interviewing several other schools and even taking a few classes at other schools, we decided on MAI. Instructor Dave and Ms Andrea are fantastic with the kids as well as an old guy like me. MAI is a much larger studio than most others yet is still reasonably priced. We very quickly became friends with all of the other students, young and old. MAI has a very friendly atmosphere. We love it!
Brian, MAI North Parent & Student