Find an instructor that you are comfortable with and that is qualified. It doesn’t matter how nice the school looks or how cheap the classes are if students cannot learn from the instructor or don’t respect him/her. Ask about their credentials and background. Talk to other students or parents. Schedule a meeting or ask to observe or take a class. MAI North is open 6 days a week and we are happy to meet with interested students. Contact us to arrange for a free class.

School Environment

Is the school clean and well kept? Is there training equipment available for students to use? Is there enough space to train? Is there a viewing area to watch classes or is the training area blocked off? Are the students and observers respectful and observant? MAI North is a fantastic school environment! We designed the entire space to allow our students of all ages a spacious, clean and inspiring place to learn.


Is the price you are paying NOW the price you will be paying next month or next year? Many times people sign up for classes at a low rate, only to find that the price jumps considerably as they rise up the ranks. You shouldn’t be penalized for advancing and the pricing structure should be clear. MAI North provides straightforward and affordable pricing without hidden fees.


Does the school offer a month-to-month membership or only a long term contract? Contracts can sometime be good, especially for people who know that Tae Kwon Do is something they want to pursue for a longer timeframe. But for a 5 year old? Not so much. Make sure the contract requirements fit your needs. MAI North offer monthly membership that can be canceled at any time.

Start Up Costs

Tae Kwon Do offers a very low cost to entry, or at least it should. Be sure you know of any additional costs to get started including uniforms and belts. At MAI North you won’t need to purchase any gear to start (or possibly ever!). We provide a uniform and belt at no charge. We also have basic sparring gear for the weeks we do sparring in class. For students that wish to compete or just have their own gear, parents are welcome to purchase it on their own or order through MAI North.


Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art that adheres to specific traditions, including sparring, forms, workouts and educational games. Be sure that you are getting a school that matches what you are looking for. MAI North’s curriculum focuses on each of these elements and also offers weapons classes at its Headquarters location. We are proud to have our belts certified by The World Taekwondo Federation (Kukkiwon).


Connected to, but different than “cost” we think value is important to consider. Beyond our outstanding curriculum, we strive to create an fun and respectful environment for our students of all ages to make connections, develop their skills and friendships, and encourage their love of Tae Kwon Do. From Summer Camps and Holiday Camps, to Parent’s Night Out and special events, there is always something going on at MAI North!

Open Door Policy

There is no reason you shouldn’t be able to try before you buy. We welcome interested students to come by and meet with us, observe a class, or even participate! All level and ages are welcome here. We invite you to schedule a free class to see for yourself why we love MAI North!
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