Welcome To MAI North

Martial Arts Institute serves students pursuing varying areas of development in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, Yong Moo Do, Self Defense, Sparring and Weapon’s Classes. We offer monthly membership, after school programs, summer and holiday camps, Parent’s Night Out and numerous special events. Martial Arts Institute North is conveniently located at 83rd and Santa Fe in Overland Park.

Our Motto is Learning, Sweating and Always Having Fun!

Learning 90
Sweating 85
Having Fun 100

Meet the Instructor

David Popper
David PopperSenior Instructor & Owner, MAI North

USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Outstanding Coach of the Year 2015

David is a 3rd degree Black Belt and began training in 2000 with his family as a way to exercise and have an activity the whole family could enjoy together. He got hooked on the sport immediately. David brings his exposure to several different teaching styles to our school and especially enjoys developing the younger students. In addition to teaching David is actively involved in tournament competition on the local, regional and national level. He currently serves as a regional coach for the North American Sport Tae Kwon Do Association for sparring and is a tournament participant himself, qualifying for national competition in 2013 and 2014 in sparring and forms. David’s experience as a competitor, coach, judge and referee, makes him uniquely qualified to help your student reach their highest potential.


USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame Outstanding Coach of the Year 2015 and 2016

1st place NASTA Nationals Senior Division Forms and Sword Sparring, 3rd place Point Sparring

1st place IMAC World Championships Senior Division Olympic Sparring,

2nd place in Point Sparring, 3rd place Forms2nd place Battle of Atlanta Senior Division Point Sparring

#1 ranked with MMASC Circuit Senior Division in Forms and Point Sparring

1st place NASTA Nationals Senior Division Point Sparring, Olympic Sparring and forms