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Why Choose Us

  • Respected and highly skilled instructors
  • Open to all ages and skill levels
  • No long term contracts or hidden fees
  • State of the art training facility
  • It’s FUN!
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What Client’s Say

I have been so impressed with MAI North and my son’s response to Tae Kwon Do. Before starting at MAI he was experiencing some of the typical pre-teen “flexing” stuff that boys go through. Learning how to control his body and mind has been so empowering for him at school and at home. I was a little nervous at first that he would be using his new found strength to show off with his friends, but more than anything he has learned self control. Although, he does love sparring days at MAI North! Dave and Andrea are so awesome with kids, the facility is great and there are tons of events. I highly recommend MAI North!
Brigett, MAI North Parent
There are many martial arts companies in our town but I am so blessed to have found this one. The instructors go above and beyond to teach more than just the skills of the sport, they build confidence and make an impact in the lives of children. My family is forever grateful for them and hope to be lifelong students. Thank you MAI-North!
Sara, MAI North Parent
Instructor Dave and Ms. Andrea are the best. They have a fantastic heart and put so much dedication into their work with each one of their students. I can see the caring attitudes that they have. All they want is for each one of us to succeed to the best of our abilities. I have been going for over a year now and have no thoughts of giving it up. It is great for cardio. And being one of the older seasoned students Instructor Dave and Ms. Andrea know my limitations and they help me work through those. This is one of the best places to be if you want to get a great work out and build your self esteem.
Linda, MAI North Student
After interviewing several other schools and even taking a few classes at other schools, we decided on MAI. Instructor Dave and Ms Andrea are fantastic with the kids as well as an old guy like me. MAI is a much larger studio than most others yet is still reasonably priced. We very quickly became friends with all of the other students, young and old. MAI has a very friendly atmosphere. We love it!
Brian, MAI North Parent & Student